IBA light middleweight champion Evans The African Warrior Ashira (29-3, 15 KOs) is furious with Danish promoter Robert Larsen who staged the Copenhagen-based Kenyans April 19 title fight against former European champion Mahmadou Thiam, a bout Ashira won by sixth round knockout.

This guy is such a crook! It’s been more than two months now, and Larsen hasn’t paid me for the fight yet. He keeps coming up with all sorts of excuses, and now I have had enough! I have been very patient with him, but he is so full of B.S. it’s unbelievable, and he should shut his fat mouth, says the former WBA and WBO world title-challenger.

Ashira, who is a freelancer with no promotional or managerial ties to Larsen, also reveals that he was lead to believe by the promoter that the Thiam-bout would be for the IBO Intercontinental title, and only found out afterwards that this was a lie and that in reality it was for the much less prestigious UBO I/C bauble.

On top of that, the fighter has still not received the belt he won, as the promoter has not paid for it yet.
Larsen should stop running around playing big-shot when he can’t even pay the boxers who fight on his shows. He is a sad joke, and I can only warn anybody who is considering doing business with him to think again. I know for a fact that I am not the only one he owes money.
Ashira is taking legal action to finally get his purse!